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Here's the page where i get to thank all the people who help make this site what it is

I have been, for several weeks now, researching my favorite actor and now I'm going to share this information with you all so you can understand where I am coming from

Here are the few sites that I have found either helpful or interesting

Search Engines
Bronson Pinchot@ Filmbug.com A intersting site that contains all Bronson's biographical info
www.perfectstrangers.tvheaven.com an awesome site with many different sound files from Perfect Strangers
CNN E! Online. Entertainment's homepage.

Favorite Sites
Perfect Strangers:The Legacy Continues
JV Themes An awesome site with many different themes
TangmaN'z Perfect Stranger's Tv show webpage one word-cool
Perfect Strangers sounds
Perfect Strangers
Yahoo! One of the most visited hubs on the Internet reaching one out of every two web users.