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This site was formed to pay tribute ot a talented actor who I spent hours watching in Perfect Strangers and followed him also in his later work.
This Web site features many different items such as links and many photos(note if any must be removed for reasons of legality please let me know and they will be removed). I hope after seeing this site you will enjoy and respect Bronson Pinchot as much as I do.
Bronson has also starred in a short-lived series Meego along with several movies including Babes in Toyland (1997) and Langoliers.
Perfect Strangers
Bronson Pinchot starred in the long-running sitcom Perfect Strangers(ABC, Miller-Boyett). He played the lovable Balki Bartokamous alongside "Cousin Larry" (Mark Linn-Baker)The sitcom aired from 1986-1993 with a fifteen month hiatus.

I'm planning on starting a fanclub soon but if you want to e-mail your opinions and views feel free Inow I a yahoo group to discuss Balki. It is FortheloveofBalki@yahoogroups.com

I've got all kinds of cool photos from Perfect Strangers and also his later work

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